Fees & Financial Responsibility

This clinic is direct-pay.  We accept cash, check or credit card at the beginning of the appointment, meaning we do not accept insurance, nor do we bill.  Clients are responsible for payment of services rendered, at or before the time of service.

A detailed receipt of services can be provided for submission to insurance, for possible reimbursement.  It is advised that clients desiring insurance reimbursement, discuss this with their insurance company in advance and understand the parameters of payment for out-of-network providers, deductible and whether pre-authorization is required.

Psychiatric evaluation/medication intake (60-75 min)
Medical/APRN student: $150
APRN:  $200
MD: $350

Follow-up medication management (20-25 min)
Student: $80
APRN: $120
MD: $160

Medical Acupuncture
Initial Consultation (45-60 min): $200
Follow-up treatment (20-45 min): $100

Find further information about this policy at: Why Self-Pay?